CompetitionThe finest city’s finest pale ale

May 30, 2019by Lacey Baker

Bay City Pale Ale has received Gold at the San Diego International Beer Festival! As longtime fans of the local beer scene, it’s humbling to be recognized in a city filled with amazing brewing talent as well as a resurging category. View Full List of Winners

The man behind the recipe, head brewer Austin said, “The real beauty of Bay City Pale Ale is its balance and easy drinkability.” Despite a relatively high 7.7% ABV and copious amounts of juicy hops, it maintains a smooth and silky drinking profile. He added, “I’m proud of everything we create, but I definitely put more pressure on myself to make sure our flagship San Diego style pale ale is perfect.”

Visit our taproom for a fresh pour of the Bay City Pale Ale or one of our other popular drafts, including 72 & Hoppy and the Rad Summer series. Cheers!

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