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Bay City IPA
7.7% ABV | San Diego Style IPA

New-school hops with a deceptively smooth finish. Use your fingers to tally how many you’ve had.

Murky Muchacho
6.5% ABV | Hazy IPA

Juicy waves of Citra and Southern Passion hops make this hazy, pillowy IPA taste like a walk off home run.

Jucci Gang
8.5% ABV | Hazy DIPA

Crazy easy to drink, this juicy bomb is brewed using an insane amount of late addition hops for an amazing aroma and intense tropical vibes.

Coco Ono
6.0% ABV | Pina Colada Hazy IPA

This hazy IPA balances a touch of bitterness with tropical notes of stone fruit and citrus. Organic coconut and pineapple are added after fermentation for a smooth, Pina Colada finish.

Chilly Nelson
6.0% ABV | Cold IPA

Bright and citrusy, Chilly Nelson is an ultra refreshing Cold IPA brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand — a highly desired, super delicious hop varietal.

Ripple Tropical Hibiscus
3.0% ABV | Sparkling Ale
Organically Blonde
4.5% ABV | Gluten Reduced Blonde Ale

Brewed using organic malt and hops, crafted to reduce gluten, creating a light, balanced ale.

Fiesta Island
5.4% ABV | Pilsner

With the sublime balance of light malt sweetness and just a touch of hops, our pilsner pairs perfectly with taking it easy.

Peninsula Lager
5.0% ABV | Amber Lager

An old-world beer style brewed using only one malt and one hop varietal, Peninsula Lager is a refreshingly modern take on a classic.

Crushing Tiger
4.0% ABV | Asian Style Lager

This gluten-reduced lager has a hint of light malt, but is dominated by bright citrus hops with a green tea-like flavor and bone dry finish.

Watermelon Lime Radler
4.0% ABV | Radler

A super refreshing radler with delicious notes of fruit and citrus. It’s only here while supplies last, so get it while you can!

Brews to go

Get your favorite Bay City brews to go! Grab ice cold crowlers and 6-packs of local craft beer from our East Village location or your local store. We’re always brewing up something new, so selection may vary day-to-day.