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Bay City IPA
7.7% ABV | San Diego Style IPA

New-school hops with a deceptively smooth finish. Use your fingers to tally how many you’ve had.

Murky Muchacho
6.5% ABV | Hazy IPA

Juicy waves of Citra and Southern Passion hops make this hazy, pillowy IPA taste like a walk off home run.

Jucci Gang
8.5% ABV | Hazy DIPA

Crazy easy to drink, this juicy bomb is brewed using an insane amount of late addition hops for an amazing aroma and intense tropical vibes.

Coco Ono
6.0% ABV | Pina Colada Hazy IPA

This hazy IPA balances a touch of bitterness with tropical notes of stone fruit and citrus. Organic coconut and pineapple are added after fermentation for a smooth, Pina Colada finish.

Chilly Nelson
6.0% ABV | Cold IPA

Bright and citrusy, Chilly Nelson is an ultra refreshing Cold IPA brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand — a highly desired, super delicious hop varietal.

Organically Blonde
4.5% ABV | Gluten Reduced Blonde Ale

Brewed using organic malt and hops, crafted to reduce gluten, creating a light, balanced ale.

Fiesta Island
5.4% ABV | Pilsner

With the sublime balance of light malt sweetness and just a touch of hops, our pilsner pairs perfectly with taking it easy.

Peninsula Lager
5.0% ABV | Amber Lager

An old-world beer style brewed using only one malt and one hop varietal, Peninsula Lager is a refreshingly modern take on a classic.

Crushing Tiger
4.0% ABV | Asian Style Lager

This gluten-reduced lager has a hint of light malt, but is dominated by bright citrus hops with a green tea-like flavor and bone dry finish.

Ron Murkundy
6.5% ABV | Hazy IPA

This hazy style New England IPA is so hoppy and juicy, it’ll leave you telling friends “come see how good it tastes.”

Power Play IPA
6.9% ABV | West Coast IPA

Brewed with generous amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops, this true West Coast-style India Pale Ale provides a juicy body that lingers through to a crisp, dry finish.

Brews to go

Get your favorite Bay City brews to go! Grab ice cold crowlers and 6-packs of local craft beer from our East Village location or your local store. We’re always brewing up something new, so selection may vary day-to-day.