Fiesta Island Pils

Fiesta Island Pils

German Style Pilsner

5.4% ABV

This super approachable beer is named after Fiesta Island and, just like those local gathering grounds, everyone’s invited

Fiesta Island Pils Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes
Profile   Clean | crisp | pleasant
Notes   Balanced | bright | lightly sweet
Hops   Cluster
Malts   Pilsner
Arrived   08 | 2017
Reason to Drink   A taco truck lunch | paddle boarding | clocking out



Good Times Follow

When you’re craving something on the lighter side that isn’t tasteless, look for this refreshingly balanced German-style Pilsner. Its SMASH (single malt, single hop) recipe is fitting for any size celebration with medium hop bitterness, hints of malty sweetness and a clean finish. Cheers to a beer you can drink anytime, all the time. Order online pickup today!


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