Bay City

San Diego Style

Pale Ale

7.7% abv

A golden-pale colored ale that’s super hoppy. Four to five different hops are used to create flavors of citrus and pine while keeping the bitterness restrained. This beer showcases the bright aromatic qualities of some of the more popular hops to come out of the Pacific Northwest.

So why San Diego Style Pale Ale and not IPA? We refrain from using historical labels for our beers unless the beer is intended to fall within that particular category. Read the BJCP category for IPA and see for yourself; in our opinion, this beer isn’t that beer.


2-row Pale Ale, Vienna


Simcoe, Citra, Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo

From The Brewer:

“The origin of this beer goes back over ten years ago when I had Stone 9th Anniversary, my very first craft beer. While it wasn’t love at first taste, the complexity of hops was evident and I was hooked. Later, Alpine’s Duet/Nelson and Linda Vista’s Sculpin showed me how much flavor hops possess. It’s been a constant learning experience with this beer; one aided greatly by information provided by several great people in this industry. Cheers and I hope you enjoy!”

72 & Hoppy

Session IPA

4.2% abv

A beer meant to be enjoyed on a busy day while you’re running around or during a wonderful weekend BBQ with your friends and family. While light on the alcohol, it’s still packed with a ton of hop flavor which is bright tropical fruit and citrus.


American Pilsner, 2-row Pale Ale, Specialty Malt


Equinox, Azacca, Mosaic

From The Brewer:

“This recent style to hit craft brewing shows just how much of an impact alcohol content has on the body of a beer. Some tend to be “watery” so we look for specific malts that can help compensate. The science behind mouth-feel/body isn’t completely understood but it’s interesting to see the variety of compounds that exist in beer that are connected to it.”

Power Play

6.9% abv

aka: “Gulls inspired beer”


The Power Play IPA uses Mosaic and Citra™ hops. These brightly aromatic hops contribute a dank fruitiness with a juicy body. The Mosaic hops contribute to its blueberry nose. The Power Play IPA drinks at a 6.9% ABV and has a pleasant, well-balanced finish with hop oil to coat the palate.


Pilsner 2-Row


Mosaic and Citra

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